Monday, September 29, 2008

Baby Sweater

One of my dearest friends just gave birth to her second baby girl (her fourth child). I wanted to knit something for her new beauty that would be finished in time for the baby to actually WEAR it.

I sort of winged it with the idea from a pattern that I've done before, but in a chunkier yarn (and acrylic, to mitigate any skin irritation and maximize washability). The cuffs, hem, collar, and button band are in garter stitch in some beautifully soft and fluffy yarn that I think I got on mega-sale at JoAnn's. The body is stockinette in Lion Brand Homespun. It's still in need of buttons, but I'll see what I can find that's funky and not too cutesy-wutesy.

The beachy sweater is still in progress, but has been put on a brief hiatus so that I could get this out quickly. It will stay on hiatus until I finish my Halloween craft exchange project. Maybe Wednesday, but DEFINITELY by Friday.

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