Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tagged by meme

Dragonfly tagged me with a "four things" meme. I've been a blog slacker, so I didn't realize it for a couple of weeks! ;)

4 things I did today (I'll count "day" as "24 hours"):

  • Finished a twirly skirt.

  • Comforted a nightmare-ing child.

  • Donated to WUWM's fund drive.

  • Drank coffee and wrote code (this one is cheating, I realize)

4 things on my to-do list:

  • Renew my license plates.

  • Get passport pictures for the monkeys.

  • Nail down Christmas plans.

  • Run.

4 of my guilty pleasures:

  • heavy cream in my tea

  • sleeping in on a rainy day

  • Rachel Ray

  • The Order of the Stick

4 random facts about me:

  • I don't have a belly button.

  • My little fingers are bent inward on both hands. Both of my girls ALSO have bent little fingers.

  • I was a member of a nationally-ranked parliamentary procedure team (DORK!!)

  • I am so conflict-averse that I can't watch Jerry Springer/Montel/any of the talk shows with yelling and screaming. I get too stressed out.


Dragonfly said...

I'm behind too, I just realized you have 5 new posts since I last checked. Thank god for Bloglines!

No belly button???

Veeg said...

It was sewed shut when I was a wee little munchkin. Umbilical hernia.