Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tuesday Thing

From the lovely Prickly Pear Bloom.

The new tradition. . .
The "thankful thing" before dinner
Dinner with candles, even if it's just boxed mac 'n' cheese and hot dogs

The old tradition. . .
Antipasto, cheese, and wine on Thursday nights

I'll be really glad when. . .
All of the various financial garbage is sorted and I know where I stand.

Not liking. . .
Missing my German.
Being sick for so long and not being sure what's going on.

Liking. . .
The anticipation of making pumpkin bread
The girls falling in love with "yogurt sundaes" (Greek yogurt + apple butter + Fiber One cereal)
Chilly nights for sleeping curled up under the quilts


Dragonfly said...

I like the dinner with candles idea.

Why sick?

Anonymous said...

I love dinner with candles, even if its at the coffee table.

And I'm loving chilly nights curled up under quilts too. So much.