Wednesday, October 22, 2008

All Baby FO, All The Time

The crazy thing about having all of these friends who have spawned/are spawning children -- you need to, like, celebrate them and stuff.

Actually, I love all of these kiddos to pieces, and am super-excited that I get to watch them grow (well, not the sweater-baby. I haven't even met her three-year-old big sister yet. Am suck virtual auntie.)

However! I am a good virtual auntie to the future owner of these woollen socks. They look much less hoopty and messed-up in real life -- I'm not sure if it's the resolution or the color changes or what, but this photo looks like they were knit by someone vaguely deranged.

Anyway, they were knit for a Little Miss Allison, who just turned one, and is setting off on many new walking adventures. Since shoes are not so good for new walkers, but we live where it is already QUITE freakin' cold already, I thought some festive footies would be just the thing for her.

My favoritest part is the green patches that showed up on the bottom of the heels.

Knit top-down on size 1 needles, using a smallified version of Silver's sock recipe.


Dragonfly said...

those are cute socks!

Anonymous said...

woot for finished objects and cute socks! Only slightly deranged. :)